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Salsa & Bachata shines, body movement training, arms styling secrets, full technique courses, & choreography tutorials with Brenda Liew

“One of the most accomplished (and awarded) Latin dancers in Asia.”
-Her World Magazine

 Her style is already unique and her teaching is very detailed. If you want to learn to dance like a true goddess, then you need to attend her classes.

Berlin Salsa Congress

Internationally recognized by her unique, distinctive, dynamic, and emotional choreographies; the musicality and precision of her execution, and her communication skills as a teacher [...] which has made her an instrument for women’s empowerment. magazine

"Thanks for offering such fundamental training that cannot be found anywhere else. Your tools helped me to rediscover myself as a dancer, mover, and a role model for my students..."

-Shanee Beery, Germany

Students' Testimonials

I've watched and admired the demo for this choreography so many times and am thankful for the opportunity to actually learn it!! Brenda taught each of the moves with great detail and provided invaluable techniques which will help in all areas of dance! Thank you so much xxx

@Chandni.12345 about 

La Palomilla Choreography

You're amazing!! I started my salsa journey back in 2011 and I don't think I've ever fully grasped technique. I just go along with the motions without actually trying to understand them. You truly opened up my eyes into looking beyond the move. Thanks for everything you do and sharing the wisdom! <3

Such a good class! Brenda does a great job of thoroughly explaining techniques that have completely changed my understanding of movements I thought I knew and isolations. Highly recommend.

@angelikajohnslife about 

Body Movement Class

Pure technique teaching perfection! Passionate, authentic, caring and fun bachata classes. Thank you Brenda. You are my #1 salsa and bachata queen! ❤ 

Love this. I used to practice spinning on my own, uncertain of what to do. So I just stood infront of the mirror just doing spins. I spent so much time but didn't improve much. These drill videos are so helpful, as you can practice each technique instead of just spinning trying to do all the techniques.

GAME CHANGER! Every dancer should take this class. I'm sure most of us have learned it the wrong way...

Jasmin Ramey about 

Fundamentals Class

I love this mini drill. Concise and focused on the fundamentals which I can do regularly. Please publish more such mini drills for regular practice.

Monica Lim about 

20 Min Non-Stop Drills

I realized that ı learned some dance figures wrong. I have seen my mistakes and will do my best to correct them. Thank you so very much 🙏😊

@digdemalca about 

Body Movement Class

This woman has such a unique way to teach and now she makes it so accessible to everyone ❤️ Having just started with shines On2, I can say she already made me a better dancer and I’m very happy and thankful for that. Thank you, Brenda 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Jasmin Ramey about 

Salsa Shines Class

Great drill! Feel like my arms are always flopping everywhere, especially when I'm more focused on footwork these days. It's good to go back to basics.

Really good class to help improve the quality of your arm movements! A lot of great technique, as usual! Thank you Brenda :)

Love how detailed the explanations are! Spinning has always been my nemesis but Brenda always make its practice so easy and achievable <3

@salsera.bings about 

Spins & Turns Fundamentals

A fundamental class if you want to start dancing or if you already dance since it is very important to make clean and clear movements. Besides that Brenda works with isolation, which is something I have never practiced before. It helps me a lot to know how to control my body

Jennifer about 

Body Movement Class

Definitely makes my Arm styling Game up!!!

These 2 ladies are amazing teachers and choreographers!!

Ziju @ziyuuuu_l about 

Latin Fusion - 

Brenda & Jaane Collab

I really like this fundamentals class, this is what I felt I had been missing for a long time to connect what I had been learning. I am definitely looking forward to the next class. I may not be able to join live but I already learnt a lot from the recording.

Monica Lim about 

Fundamentals Class

Amazing class 😍😍 loved the techniques for body rotation, taking small steps and moving the body first supporting clean body movement. This additional detail helped to cement my understanding for further improvement.

Caroline Yardley about 

Bachata Dominicana Class

THIS CHOREOGRAPHY IS AN ABSOLUTE BOMB!! Thanks for choosing this remix Brenda, I've always been a fan of Money Heist and you have no idea how excited it got me when you uploaded your cover of it! Had so much fun doing this one :)

Charlote Lee about 

Bella Ciao Bachata Choreography

As a hobby dancer living in Europe, I have been in many festivals and took lessons from the most renowned teachers in the Salsa-Bachata scene. And therefore I dare to say that your class is mind-blowing, the best I took part so far. Not only you are teaching amazing which you explain very clearly but also the whole technique behind each move, the dos and don’ts and, in a way, students can understand the why and how.

IG @siasplanet

I’m loving your classes. I’m finding the addictive. The more classes I take, the more classes I want to do. I’ve learnt so much already (I have 5 pages of notes). I’m looking forward to learning more techniques with you (I have booked 5 classes for the next week) ❤

IG @louod1

Dear Brenda, I am so much enjoying your online classes and I really wanted to thank you. I experienced you in a workshop in Berlin and you are one of the most special teachers I have ever been in a class with. For me, what is especially valuable for me about you, is that if you show, what not to do, or present a technique, which you do not like as much or that is wrong, you still properly show it the best way possible.


Thank you so much for the techniques you teach, you are the best teacher I have ever experienced. There are so many people who just say do "bum bum, see", and I don't learn anything.🤣

IG @jenni_anuliina

Thank you so much for an amazing class. I feel like I can see a whole new language of my body through 2 hours of training with you…

IG @ngotnuno

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the amazing classes and in-depth explanation about the various techniques. I really feel just within 2 weeks I've gained so much understanding and knowledge about how to move my body better and I really cannot thank you enough. I've always been very inspired by you and your team. Its always very exciting to see you girls perform on stage. Please continue to inspire us and hopefully one day I can dance like you girls too. :) 

IG @samyeepc

The class was AMAZIIINNGGG! Your knowledge is endless 🔥 I love your attitude, logic, way of movement explanation thanks so much ❤ 

IG @natalia_plewa_

"Set dance goals based on techniques, 

rather than new moves."