Salsa And Bachata Keep Evolving, Are You Going To Be Left Behind?


Asia’s Latin Dance Community is blooming with new followers by the day who are taking the lead with new movements and styles that suit better our cultures, dance ambitions and body types.


Brenda Liew’s pioneering choreographies and signature shows have keep growing as global referent on what salsa, bachata and the whole branch of Street Latin style have offer today.


Get ready to get your mind blown and your body tuned to the newest most fashionable Latin trends, and enjoy a great workout 😉

Her style is already unique and her teaching is very detailed. If you want to learn to dance like a true goddess, then you need to attend her classes.

Berlin Salsa Congress

Internationally recognized by her unique, distinctive, dynamic, and emotional choreographies; the musicality and precision of her execution, and her communication skills as a teacher [...] which has made her an instrument for women’s empowerment. magazine